Friday, May 18, 2012

The One Where Our Parenting Choices Save Our Asses

After my little monkey was transferred to the PICU, we were called up and walked in to him sound asleep.

This is the great part.

See, the baby books tell you things about SIDS and how babies should not sleep on their tummy, and how to properly make sure they are sleeping to avoid them not being able to breathe.

My son has slept on his stomach from the moment he came home.  He has never once had issues breathing, and in all honesty prefers that position to this day.  It's how my mom did it, and 3 children and now 4 grandchildren later, we are all fine and sleep well.

Not to mention we all have perfect round heads.

When we walked in the room I immediately thanked God and my mother for the blessing.

You see, with those ugly things keeping his arms straight, the only position he can sleep in comfortably is his tummy.  And that is how they want him to sleep.

Lucky for us that's what he prefers, and while he is miserable and in pain still, he is sleeping soundly and the nursing staff can't believe it.

We win this round....

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