Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy Monday

Well, it's been a four weeks since the last one of these, so today you will be getting fours peeks into the words of wisdom shared wtih me at my baby shower in March of 2011.

The first card actually wasn't signed.  It simply says:

"Be patient.  Give it time, they will calm down soon.  You are doing great!"

The next card is from my husband's great aunt:

"Have patience.  Plan to lose sleep so take naps when the baby does"

Then there's my husband's grandmother, James' great grandma, who actually does do this:

"Bring me the baby when I want him.  If he cries I will bring him back."

Before I go on to the next card I do have to say that this little boy love his great grandparents.  They are the ones who babysit for us whenever we want to go out, and they have their place set up so he can play and swim all summer.

Finally, the last card for today.  This is from my husband's aunt, James' great aunt:

"Expect the unexpected and go with it!"

Patience, support, and flexibility.  Definitely words of wisdom.

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