Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is Here!

I wish my lapse of writing was due to the hazards of pulling double duty last week as A returned to the workforce.

Well, it was that, but then it wasn't, and then it was just the craziness of work.

My husband went through orientation for 2 days, then reported to work on the third day for his first shift at 11pm.  He'd been told during orientation that he would work from 11 until at least 2, sometimes 5 if it was busy on the overnight shift.  We discussed it, and considering they warned him the hours were bare minimum for his job, agreed that it would work.  He could sleep until noon, then be up with James until he napped and then we'd all have dinner together.

It was bordering on perfect.

Then he asked for his schedule.  He was scheduled from midnight to 6, 6 nights a week.

Once he woke up on Thursday, he told me what had happened and looked miserable.  He had been missing James all week, wanted to be home with him to do things with him, and this shift would mean he would sleep until James was going down for a nap, and would basically only see him for a few hours a night.

Then he looked at me waiting.

And I told him to do what he needed to be happy.  We never wanted that, for him to not be here for James, so if that was going to be a problem then he needed to discuss it with his manager and explain what he was promised.

They told him to go home because they didn't want to waste anymore time training.

By Saturday, his sleep schedule was back to normal and life has continued.

What did we learn last week?

That A needs to be here for James as much as possible, so it has to be part time work where he really only gets the 20-25 hours a week maximum he said he wanted to work.

And that James whines and makes noises to get his daddy's attention when he hasn't seen him for a bit.  Which is cute for the first minute or so, then it begins to grate on your nerves if it is seriously a whine.

So here we are, back at the beginning...

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