Thursday, December 29, 2011

Something I Never Did

After reading Jeffrey Zaslow's' The Magic Room for the BlogHer Book Club I wish I'd done things a little differently when it came to my wedding dress.

By the time we became engaged, A and I had been living together for just under 3 years and had talked about marriage for almost as long.  We never had any doubts we'd be together forever, it was just a formality for us.

About 6 months before the actual engagement, A had told me he intended to propose once he could afford the ring.  This little announcement had me begin the hunt for a dress.

Being a plus-size girl, I didn't think I'd have that many options in a store, and so I went in search online, and ended up finding what I wanted and in my size pretty quickly.  There were no trips to try on dresses and have my mother stand there with me to see what would work.

After reading the accounts in Jeffrey Zaslow's' The Magic Room, I feel like I missed out on something special.

In his book, the author asks the reader to think about the love we wish for our daughters, and uses a handful of brides-to-be to deliver a powerful story of the changes in marriages and relationships, all with a bridal dress shop in the mid-west as a backdrop.  I laughed at the stories, cried at some of the moments they relived for the author, and finished the book all too soon.  I loved the way he tied them all together, and made me miss my mom.

I was never in "The Magic Room", but I now wish that I'd thought to take that time and do that at least once.  There are no regrets, as my mom would remind me there shouldn't be, but a wistful moment of wishing there had been more time.

I'd honestly recommend you take the time to read Jeffrey Zaslow's' The Magic Room and if you tend to get emotional to keep some tissues handy.  I know that I scared my husband as I wept and laughed at certain points!

For more information on the book and the author visit the BlogHer Book Club HERE and peruse.

I'd also be interested in knowing about your wedding.  Did you try on dresses or shop online?  Maybe just wore a relative's dress?  Join the conversation and see what others did by visiting this page and feel free to add your story.

Me?  I have this incredible urge to plan a renewal of vows in a few years so I can try on the dresses and maybe have my mom and sister join me for an afternoon of girly fun.....

This is a sponsored review for the BlogHer Book Club.  While compensation will be forthcoming for taking the time to write about the book, the opinions stated are all mine and mine alone.

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  1. It may turn out stressful, you know. Especially if you like one dress and your mother does not. Just sayin' :-)

    I think that feeling like you missed out on this is sort of like those people who think they missed out because they didn't attend senior prom. Sure, it may have been a good memory for some, but there are PLENTY more good memories to be made. I like your renewal of vows idea. Just wait until at least 2016, okay? :-)