Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Been One of THOSE Weeks

I want to start by stating this has nothing to do with the baby.  James still sleeps soundly through the night, is pretty good about playing with his things, spends time playing with us, and in the end is the best baby.

And the only saving grace this week.


Work has been borderline hellish, with some of the weirdest and dumbest things going on.  Enough that I have purposely closed the lap top, slid it under the couch, and then laid on the floor an played with James in order to stop myself from writing profane emails to people.  They were going to be quite detailed on what they could go do with themselves and where they could stick their obviously empty heads.

Add to this some family stuff, and the car having an issue, and by last night I think we were both done with it all.

So we took James and had dinner out.  We talked, gave him some steak fries to chew on, and just didn't think.

I even turned off the lap top in order to avoid the urge to check emails.

Today has been a relief already.  Nothing major is happening, we have one last quiet weekend before Christmas, and if we're luck we'll all be sleeping in until 9 each morning.

Plus tomorrow we have arranged for the great grandparents to come babysit so we can see the new Sherlock Holmes movie in the afternoon.

I told A that while I'm excited to see the movie, the best part is going to be that we will be sitting in the front seat of the car together and have a normal conversation.

He just smiled.

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