Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another First

I never thought that my son would have surgery before celebrating his first Halloween.

But life is what it is, and that's what happened.

Also factor in that we seemed to have gone from Summer to Winter in the span of 10 days, and even were anticipating snow this last weekend....

We went trick-or-treating at the mall.

I've never done this, even growing up we always went out, so I didn't know what to expect.  For the most part, it was VERY organized, with people following along in 1 direction, and kids patiently waiting in line for things at some of the bigger stores.

The only complaint was that I wish they had an age limit.  Mainly because my youngest SIL is only 9, and she kept getting stuck behind or in the middle of large groups that consisted of 2 small children, 3 teenagers, and 4 adults.  And they all were taking candy.

James dressed up, sat in his stroller, and we rode around with the family.  He looked at everything, smiled and laughed at the puppy at the pet store, but I didn't go grabbing candy.  We had gotten a late start, some places were out of goodies, and he wasn't eating it.  And we didn't need it at home to eat.

I really have to remember to take him back to the puppy store....

And now, without any further ado, I present Iron Man, sticking his tongue out in the face of danger:

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