Friday, November 4, 2011

The One Where I Admit I Can't Do It All

Last week was a whirlwind.

We left Tuesday afternoon, spent the night in a hotel, then dealt with James having surgery, then the fiasco at the hospital about sleeping arrangements (I owe you that story, and you will get it), and then dealing with getting the okay to come home Thursday and picking up a prescription the NO ONE carried for our son.

Also another blog post to come.  Promise.

Thursday afternoon, A was feeling off and attributed it to pressure change from an incoming storm.

Friday morning he had a tickle in the back of his throat in the morning.  By that night he was coughing and miserable.

And not allowed near the baby.

For the last week, I've worked 11-12 hours a day, made sure James ate, slept, took his medicine, made sure A ate and slept as much as possible, and tried to make sure I showered.

Originally, James was to be going to get his stitches out with his daddy, grandaddy, and great grandaddy.  In the end, I was up at 6am to get ready to be picked up by his great grandaddy so we could make the trip up for his appointment and be back by noon so I could start my work day.

Which did not end until 9 that night.

The night before this trip, my iPhone died.  I know, poor me.  But it hit me all of a sudden that I'd lost all his pictures, videos, all my contact info, and on top of that was going to be separated from A for most of the next day with  no way to really reach him.

I did the only thing I could think of:

I called my mommy and cried.

And of course, she fixed it.

Has the week gotten better?

Slowly but surely.  My husband is on the mend, I am refusing to get sick, and James is oblivious to anything being wrong.  In fact, he's loved the 100% mommy time more than anything.

But I've learned I need A.  More than anything, I need the help he gives me and the stuff he does for James everyday.  And I need to thank him more often for that.

Which I will do.  Once the laundry is done.  And he isn't coughing and I'm not trying to suppress one.

Thank goodness it's the weekend and our son sleeps in.....

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