Monday, November 7, 2011

The One Where My Son is a Genius at 5 Months Old

I know I mentioned that James has managed to put himself on his own schedule.

After the surgery, he's been a little off. 

The norm was him up and eating by 8:30, and then getting to bed by 8 at night.

Suddenly he was sleeping until almost 9 each morning.  This meant he was up until almost 9 at night, sometimes a little later.

Which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't cut into my "me" time.

You see, mommy sleeps until baby calls for breakfast.  So, once he goes down for those lovely 12 hours, I get a few hours to myself.  Important time to watch my shows, pet the cat, and spend time with my husband.  And if he stayed up later, I lost night time that I was getting used to having on my own.

And then last week I realized what was about to happen....

The time change was coming up.  On his old schedule, this would have meant that we would have been up an hour earlier.  Which would have been too early for me.

I have issues.

Somehow, my wonderfully brilliant James managed to change his schedule just in time to have the time change put him back on his schedule.

My son is a genius!

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