Saturday, November 12, 2011

The One Where We are In Sync

Have you ever heard of a group of women, normally close friends, who spend so much time together that they eventually have the same cycle?  Can you imagine being at the point where you are all going through the same symptoms and sit in sweats on a Saturday night, watching a chick flick, and eating a tub of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream?

By the way, I could eat that every night.

Well, in our household I am the only one who has that issue every 4 weeks.

But over the last week we've all started doing something together every morning.

James has started wanting more veggies and less formula in the evenings.  I'm not going to deny him  peas and carrots and squash if he wants it.  So, now he eats a whole tub/jar of veggies, and then a bottle a little later to fill the space so he can sleep through the night.

Thanks to his new diet, he's become a little more regular.

So, it has come to pass that every morning, he eats his breakfast, we drink our tea/coffee, and then about 20 minutes later we are taking turns.

Everyone has to poop.

What is that they say about a family that plays together, stays together?  Does it apply to pooping?

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