Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Plans

In the last week, James has had 2 tastes of "table" food:

Nilla Wafers and homemade mashed potatoes.

For our own Thanksgiving dinner, we are having the full spread.  All of it is in the fridge, waiting for the baking to begin tomorrow, and the turkey to be cooked on Thursday.

My sister has asked if we plan to let James try any other foods.  And I really wish I was comfortable with it.

But that cleft.....

I'm just afraid something he can't break down due to lack of teeth will end up caught there in the roof of his mouth.  The thought of it makes me worry about what he could do to himself, what could go wrong, and it's the only thing that has remotely stressed me out about the day.

So, for his first Thanksgiving I plan to move the highchair closer to the table after he's had the Gerber version of a turkey dinner.

Then I'm putting some mashed potatoes in his bowl and letting him go at it himself.

He has to prepare for that first birthday cake in 6 months, right?

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