Thursday, October 27, 2011

The One Where Someone Almost Cries

Over the last week, James has begun to indicate who he wants to have hold him.  He will nudge or lean towards his chosen target, and has slowly started lifting his arms and kicking his feet when asked if he wants to go up with you hands extended towards him.

It's seriously one of the cutest things I think either of us have ever seen.

Wednesday we reported to the hospital bright and early to begin prepping for surgery.  We sat with him, playing and talking, waiting as he was weighed and measured.  He was happy, talking his baby talk with us, charming the nurses, and basically being the ham we know he is.

The last person to come in was the anesthesiologist who was taking him to the OR to start the procedure.  We both knew it was minor, he'd be fine, but when he said it was time, I felt the tears.  I said this was the hardest part, and he smiled at me and said he understood.

James was with his daddy, and I went to take him to get a last hug and kiss in.  But he didn't want me.  He was clinging to A and snuggled in to him.  So we did a group hug, and A handed him over as we all walked out of the room.  We looked back to see his little face looking at us over the shoulder of the anesthesiologist, and I looked up at A, still biting back tears.

To see his face, red, sad, and trying so hard not to cry.

And we took each other's hands as we walked out to wait for our son's cleft lip procedure to be completed...

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