Monday, October 24, 2011

This is What Makes Him a Good Daddy

Last night, we sat and went through the initial paperwork to review what will be happening to our son on Wednesday.

There wasn't much to it, just an overview, and we each read over it quietly in under 10 minutes.

A little while later, we went to bed, and assumed our snuggling positions....

A: I just want to go snuggle with our little guy.

Me:  He is a cutie, especially when he's asleep.  But why the sudden urge to snuggle with him?

A: I read the paperwork.  Up until then, I knew they would be doing something, but it didn't hit me....

Me: ...and now the reality that our son is having surgery has hit you?

A: Yeah.

No, we didn't get him out of bed and snuggle him with us.  But I noticed this morning that our little one is getting a little more attention than normal.  His daddy loves him, and is honestly feeling that hint of worry.

Which means I can't blame my hormones.

48 hours to go....

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