Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Don't Remember Reading About THIS Test...

And another appointment is done.

There was the heart beat to listen to, a brief discussion about getting to skip the glucose test next month, and then out to make another appointment for 2 weeks down the line.

We were in the clear, ready to go, when I heard the nurse say she would catch me in the lobby.

Apparently there is this test that they ask women a little further along to do, but with the diabetes and all it would be best to do now to get a base line.

I'm not sure what the technical name of the test is, but I was sent to lab to pick up the following:

See, for 24 hours I need to place the white plastic "cap" into our toilet, pee in there, and then pour that into the orange jugs. Then I bring 24 hours worth of urine to the lab and have some blood drawn.

This has caused all matter of bad jokes, puns, and girly giggles from my husband.

Starting tomorrow morning I think we'll have to ban the cat from the bathroom....

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