Thursday, February 10, 2011

B is for Boobs

I can honestly say that from about 3 days after I ovulated in September something in my chest felt different.

And I’m not talking about maternal instinct or a faster heart beating or anything like that.

My boobs hurt.

That hurt intensified, and continued right through the end of the first trimester. Since then, they have their sore days, but nothing like at the beginning. My nipples, though, have not been given the same reprieve. And since the plan is breastfeeding, I know I am in for more if not worse later.

The most interesting part has been that my bra size hasn’t changed too much.

By mid-September, I was ready to actually head to a store and have myself measured for a correct size. My current bras were starting to feel looser than ever, and that was a great side effect of the diet we had been on since July.

When the test came back positive, I realized I’d better not. And it has worked out in my favor.

I still fit in the size I’d been wearing for a couple of years, and now fill the cups up a little more fully than I remember ever doing. Everything I’ve read indicates that the size will change again once the milk comes in, so even though I have an itch to be prepared with nursing bras, I’m holding off until we come home from the hospital and things are moving along.

We won’t be going out for a bit after bringing the little man home, so this should work. Meanwhile, I have my eyes on a couple of nursing camisoles that may do the trick for the first few days….

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