Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Boob Talk

People, I never thought there would be this much to write about my boobs. Never ever believed it. But they have become the bane of my existence without me realizing it.

To recap, I have been blessed with a well-endowed bust, both thanks to genetics and my overall roundness. I had started to lose some weight with the diet this summer that included that area, but since pregnancy began that was reversed. Add to this that they feel fuller and heavier, and I now understand why the bra was invented.

I'd read in one of the books I have that a good aid in preventing some over stretching is to sleep with a bra on at night. I have these sports bras that are actually comfortable to be in, and I started wearing them every night to sleep about 2 weeks ago.

Additional plus: they are cotton and add a layer of barrier between sore nipples and sheets.

The bras were purchased in a three pack at WalMart for about $10. So after 2-3 nights, they are stretched out a little and need to be swapped for another.

Which works if you time it with your husband's laundry days. Because in our household, I work for the paycheck and he does all the housework.

Well, Saturday night I just didn't sleep at all. I had a serious issue with constipation, the pain was killing me, and I think I am leaning towards a hospital delivery with a lot of drugs. Sunday I was drained, and so spent the day in the pajamas I had slept in, no shower, just resting as much as possible.

Monday, I was feeling so much better, so I showered threw all the clothes into the laundry basket for washing, and started the work day.

The problem is that A didn't do laundry yesterday, and my last available sports bra was now waiting to be washed.

Last night I decided to just let it all hang loose (literally) and went to bed sans support.

Big mistake. Huge. Just huge.

My back was killing me by 2 in the morning. I just could not get comfortable, and when I rolled over it was made worse. My boobs were literally trying to kill me in my sleep.

It took me about 45 minutes to figure out the issue. And about 2 minutes to find a light cotton bra that I could sleep in.

And then I crashed until the alarm went off at 7:30 this morning. Not even my bladder moved me.

So, the lesson learned from all this?

I need to go to WalMart tonight and pick up 2 more packs of bras to sleep in so I never have this issue again.

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