Monday, June 10, 2013

Single Mothering: An Adventure in Exhaustion

We are starting week 3 of 5 weeks of training for my husband.

In the end, he will be working evenings, and other than needing to sleep in each morning, he will be around for the main parts of James' day.

For now, he works from 10-6:30 each day.

I work from 8:30-5 each day.

James wakes up around 8 each day.

My day never ends.

Luckily I've had help, but the crazy work going on for me is major, and will continue for another 3 weeks at least.  James has been okay most days, though you can tell he misses having his daddy to play with all day.

There are moments where he is tethered to my side, and luckily he will bring some things and ask to get in his high chair to sit with me.  It makes it easier, but I still have to practice typing one thing while saying another, all while not looking at my monitor.

Which I think is why I need a nap by 3 each afternoon.

And why I'm glad I haven't had to do this all alone for the last 2 years.

Meanwhile, my plans to attempt potty training are on hold.  He still isn't "talking", and until we are more in a routine in 3 weeks where we can work with him, it's not a priority.

What is?

Making each day as normal as possible and keep James on his normal schedule.

That and figuring out how to sneak a nap in without work knowing......

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