Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He Knows, But He Won't Say It

The age of 2 got off to an interesting start.

He turned 2 the 25th, and on the 26th proved that he knows what he wants more than we do.

It was a typical Sunday, which meant we stayed home in pajamas and took it easy.  When James got up from his nap, he was ready to eat, but wanted only yogurt.

Totally doable.  We buy the Greek yogurt with fruit.  If he is going to be picky about his foods then I will find a way to do it with healthy options.

So, Greek yogurt and a glass of chocolate milk.

We all can't be perfect, right?

My MIL and SIL came over to set up a new laptop, and after that and a visit they headed home.  It was now almost 8, and we went in the kitchen to get ourselves a snack.

Followed by someone grunting and waving his arms.

You see, James' snacks are in various areas of the kitchen:

Veggie chips are in a corner with our chips.

The 2 ton container of animal crackers is on top of the fridge.

The Goldfish crackers are in the cupboard on the top shelf.

Oddly, this configuration has helped eliminate the game of "what do you want?" when he won't say anything to us.

When he stands under the cupboard and points up, we know it's for Goldfish.

Or so we thought.....

After he smacked the bag out of daddy's hand twice, I turned around from the other counter and realized he was still pointing up.

And directly at the box of Easy Mac that he could see.

5 minutes later he was inhaling that.

He still won't say much, but he knows the words.  And where everything is.

And I mean everything.

Last night?  He pointed at the cupboard again.  We opened the left door and he was mad.  We opened the right door and he smiled.

Right at the package of Nesquik.

He loves his chocolate milk.

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  1. I remember when our daughter started doing that. It was frustrating until I realized what she was up to. And given the opportunity, she chose some surprisingly healthy snacks for herself, not just chocolate every time. Have fun with it! Communication is awesome. :)