Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun Without Electronics

James' birthday presents included 2 large electronic toys and plenty of other things to play with as well.

My sister bought him a LeapTop by Leap Frog, and we programmed it with his name and info.  So far the music is what he loves the most.  It's not meant for "throwing" so we've made sure to put it someplace safe that he can play with it and not hurt it.

We bought him a LeapPad in the vain hope that he would leave my iPhone and Kindle Fire alone.  It almost has completed this, but because his new favorite game is on my phone that may not end soon.

There were 2 big hits for him, though.

The Little People Farm from Fisher Price was a gift from my mom, and he can't help but play with it and giggle.  He loves animal noises, and when he can swing a gate and it makes a "mooooo" noise he is happy.  He is also loving stacking the animals in the silo.

And then there is the one thing that keeps him busy and quiet for long stretches at a time:

He loves to open and close the doors to the oven, fridge, and microwave.  I've caught him putting play food and his Batman toy in a skillet and playing it on different surfaces.
This has taken over the space in our living room where the husband's desk once was.  With his new job, he is in our bedroom all day, using it as an office.  James uses our living room as his own kitchen.
His other latest obsession?

Making them stick to the fridge, his high chair, the oven, and the microwave cart is funny to watch.
Digging them out from under the fridge, his high chair, the oven, and the microwave cart isn't as much fun.
But he is playing and being active and figuring things out.
The old-fashioned way.  Which is actually pretty quiet.

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