Friday, June 14, 2013

Life From The Toilet

Sadly, the title of this post has a lot to do with this last week.

I'm currently in the bathroom while James takes a bath.  Sitting on the closed toilet.  Taking a 5 minute break from working.

From the bathroom.

These days, some of the only peace I get are in the bathroom.

Not ours, though.

Since the change in life (AKA Husband has a job), James has been more of a mommy's boy than ever.  I am loving the extra cuddles after nap time and before bed time.  He doesn't want anything more than to let me hold him and hug him, all while he hums this odd tune that makes me think of a waltz.

But this also means that if I leave the living room he comes looking for me.

Internets, I have resorted to using the bathroom with the lights off, with only the iPhone as company and a way to see my surroundings.  If he sees the bathroom light is on from under the crack of the door then he will lay there, sometimes crying, sometimes just saying "mama" over and over again, until I reappear.

I seriously do not know which one I prefer.

Today, Daddy had time before logging in to spend in the living room with us.  James was ecstatic to play, but mad when it was over and the door closed.  I lasted 35 minutes and then filled the tub.

James brought his caps and tub toys, threw them in 1 by 1, and has been in there peacefully playing and humming his waltz.

I have managed to complete 4 little projects and get prepped for the major one that will occupy his nap time for me this afternoon.

Last night, I admitted to my husband that I understood why, after a week of me working, he'd ask if we could drop him off with his great grandparents so we could get out alone.  I didn't get it just 3 short weeks ago.  I wanted to take James places with us and enjoy him.

Last night, after a family grilling session, I asked them to take the boy so we could go to Target and play for an hour.

I love my son, and feel a little guilty for admitting it, but I needed the break.  No laptop.  No work phones.

No James.

Which means that arriving to pick him up was so much fun.  He was laughing and playing and running through their house.  We all got hugs and kisses.  He came home exhausted and was asleep 20 minutes later.

I'm thinking that he needs these breaks as much as we do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, someone is staring at his fingers and trying to smooth out the wrinkles from sitting in the water for too long.  A little shampoo, some soap, and a quick rinse will finish this break for me.

And then we are off once again....

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