Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's A Routine At Least.....

One of the jokes from James' birthday party was that we should have just bought him a pile of light switches and put them in a kitchen cupboard.

He is obsessed.

All lights must be one.  All day.  Every day.

And he has to be the one that turns them on.

While it makes me a little insane most days, it has a great advantage at least twice a day.

You see, when it's time for bed, James knows that the lights are turned off.

No, I haven't started reading to my child at sleep time so he unwinds.

I carry him around the house and he turns off all the lights that he turned on when he got out of bed.

This works for naps and bedtime at the end of the day.  It is amazing how there is no fight in him because he turned out the lights and knows it is time to sleep.  And if he isn't sleepy then he won't turn off the lights.

No matter what.

The other comedic part of this tale?

When his great grandparents come to pick him up, he is so excited to go that he greets them at the door and literally squeals.

Then goes running from room to room to turn off the lights.

This is the same thing if we get dressed and tell him we are going out.  He gets his socks and shoes on and then starts turning out lights.

He won't leave the house unless all the lights are out, and checks every room before leaving.

On the one hand the kid is in debt for his share of the electricity bill each month.

On the other hand, he will never leave a light on while out of the house.

I'm seriously thinking of getting him a step stool to climb on, but I'm afraid he'd either fall and break something or just stand on it turning the same light on and off for hours.

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