Monday, January 16, 2012

Stuck in Reverse

James has discovered that if he picks his hands up that he can navigate his movements.

He has become quite adapt at turning in a circle.  While on his tummy.

He also has figured out reverse.

But forward is trickier.

If you place a toy just out of reach, he lays there all stretched out, toes extended as if he is Superman in mid-flight, and grunts.  And this is all after that rocking on hands and knees, looking like at any minute he will do it, and then landing on his tummy.

Yesterday he even had himself in prime position, with one hand and knee slightly ahead of the other one, and we thought he had it.

Then the cat walked by and he was distracted by the fur.

I just want him to figure out forward so he'll stop sliding backwards under the couch....

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