Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Milestone - Where is My Baby Boy Going?

The other morning we were awoken by the sound of something being hit in James' room.  He was laughing and babbling as well, but the slapping was coming between it, and it was pretty constant.

It seems that a certain little boy had figured out that there was a way to start his mobile by hitting a button on the bottom of the unit.  It's a battery operated unit, and does have an on/off switch up top for us to control when it's actually on, but there is a button below that is meant to be pushed to start it again if it plays all the way through it's cycle.

And he was trying to turn it on himself.

After his afternoon nap, we'd left the main unit on, so when he rolled over and hit the button it began.  And we laughed.

Then yesterday, he was on all fours, and began to roll over.  He stretched over his back and began to bat at the bugs hanging on the mobile, and we were there to witness it.

So this morning, while he played, I took a wrench and made a change:

His crib mattress has officially been dropped a notch so that he can't pull things down and hurt himself.

It's a little bittersweet, to be honest.  He's growing every day, doing things and learning, but at the same time he is still so small in my eyes and I don't want him to change.

But each night he spends less time in his bouncer.  He wants to be sitting, laying on his tummy, and playing with his trucks.


He still has no interest in rolling from his back to his tummy, has yet to conquer forward crawling, but he wants to grab your fingers and pulls himself up to standing.  He laughs and giggles, and if he falls back on his butt and grunts to do it again.

We both have the sinking sensation that he's going to walk before he crawls.  He is steadier each night as he stands there, and the grin gets bigger.

Things are going to be getting a lot more interesting here if he continues this trend....

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