Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

What I find the most interesting about this holiday is that I never appreciated the impact of what it really was for.

Growing up, the boys in our neighborhood had a father who served. My own father worked for a company that manufactured tanks and actually test drove them.

But that was about it.

Today as I updated Face Book with a thank you it was meant for A's cousin. He's back on duty after being on leave last month, and though not on deployment, he is working up North until the next trip. When I stopped to think about this morning I remembered his visit, and the fact that his brother is still under way at this time.

Then I received a thanks for posting what I did and another person "liked" the comment.

These two people I have known for well over 20 years. We knew each other in high school, have stayed in touch, and they know my family so well.

They are also veterans. Something that I had never stopped to think about when I thought of this day.

So, now that my brain is back on right and I stop to think about it, I realize I have known so many veterans since I've grown and I love them all. I never thought of them as ex-military, just old friends, and I owe them thanks for everything they have done.

And to those I don't know, thank you, too. You are the ones that keep us safe and help me to know that it's safe to sleep at night.

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