Friday, November 12, 2010

The One Thing The Colonel Didn't Check...

I don't know why I thought of this earlier this week, but I realized that neither the RE nor the Colonel have weighed me.

At all.

The RE appointment in July was what triggered the dieting, and since then I had a physical and then my endocrinologist weighed me in October.

But nothing for the baby doctors.

So yesterday morning I had A turn on the Wii, turned on the Wii Fit Plus, and proceeded to do a quick test.

The history there shows that my last weekly weigh-in was on September 20th, 2 days before the pregnancy test turned positive. I was officially at 271.4 lbs, meaning a loss of 25.6 lbs in roughly 2 months of diet and minor exercise.

On October 11th, the Endocrinologist weighed me and the official number was 272.8 lbs. That meant that in 3 weeks I had gained roughly 1.4 lbs.

Which I insist is all in my boobs.

Yesterday morning put me at 11 weeks, 1 day. And according to the Wii, my weight is at 274 lbs even. It's been 4 1/2 weeks since the doctor's office gave me a number, but since then I've gained another 1.2 lbs.

Total so far this trimester is now at 2.6 lbs.

And I am eating, Internets. I am. In order to maintain the diabetes I am snacking every 2 hours and never go hungry.

It's just that the baby seems to need it all right now.

Which I have no problems with.

According to the books, someone of my size should really aim to gain roughly 15 lbs over the pregnancy. If I can get to that I will be content. I am not pushing it, not gorging myself, and listening to my cravings and trying to determine what they mean before diving into the vat of peanut butter or grabbing chips and guacamole.

Next appointments with both the Colonel and Endocrinologist are on November 19th, 1 week from today. I know at least 1 of them will weigh me, and from there I will be able to ask what I should be aiming for.

For now, pass the tangerines and apples!

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