Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Real Ultrasound - Kinda

Every single ultrasound has been the wand being inserted. The last one was actually no real fun because they squeezed us in, he seemed to be in a rush, and it was just for viability.

But today. Today was different.

Part one of the NT scan was this morning. Everything looks perfectly normal and the ultrasound tech was amazing.

Best part?

Having a second screen to look at things and being able to see and hear the heartbeat. As well as movement.

Our little one was bouncing and moving arms around. The tech gave the bean points for being so well-behaved as every time she was ready to measure all the baby did was lie still.

Here is hoping that behavior continues.

The baby was so well-behaved, in fact, that she kept printing picture. I have 6 of them from today!

Tomorrow is 13 weeks and I cannot wait for the next appointment!

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