Friday, November 5, 2010

Fatgiue and Nausea and Infections, Oh My!

Where did the last week go?

Oh yeah. Fatigue hit.

At the end of last week I was beginning to struggle with being able to stay awake. I gave in Friday night and ended up sleeping almost 12 hours.

Thank goodness for Saturdays.

We did the family BBQ thing, and again that night I crashed earlier and slept another 11 hours.

Needless to say, Monday was hard and this week dragged because I don't feel as if I slept enough.

Tuesday's appointment came with lab work. Lots of lab work. Which I expected to get results from next week.

Then last night we had dinner and sat back to relax. I was content, feeling good, and a little tired.

And then it happened.

I felt wrong. Really wrong. And I suddenly knew what was going to happen.

I am proud to announce I made it to the toilet just in time to return dinner back into the world. The cat was freaked and A asked if there was anything he could do.

A note: Men are messy when using the toilet. I had mentioned to him about 5 weeks ago that if I got sick I was afraid to lift the toilet ring because of the stuff that splashes there. He has since made an effort to clean regularly. I didn't notice until last night. And I made sure to thank him as soon as I'd finished brushing my teeth.

So, I had just sat down and started sipping on water when the phone rang. Caller ID said it was the Colonel's office calling.

They needed the name and number of the pharmacy I use to phone in a prescription. You see, I have a UTI.

I honestly have no symptoms I know of. And even after the flu shot on Tuesday afternoon there have been no side effects of any kind. I actually asked the nurse if she was sure this was supposed to be for me.

So, now I have another pill to take twice a day for at least the next week. Side effects include sleepiness and change to urine color.


I immediately whined to A that I was so close to being able to say we had a smooth 1st trimester.

At the same time, A has started talking to my tummy. He even gave it a little fist bump yesterday and said "Mini fist bump, homie".

I can't help but laugh. I think seeing the ultrasounds and meeting the doctor who has nothing to do with reproductive endocrinology has put him in a place where it's happening.

Now if I can avoid losing any more meals, I will be so happy!

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