Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's A Box In Our Closet...

When we saw that positive pregnancy test in January, not only did we tell everyone we could think of, but we went out to the bookstore. I picked up 2 books about pregnancy, and started reading them both. Less than a week later, my cycle came and we were faced with having to learn what a chemical pregnancy is.

Along with those 2 books, A and I had spent money on 2 other items over the year: A small jersey and t-shirt with Spiderman and a baby blanket that looked piratey and was super soft.

We began packing in late February/early March. I found a small box from something that had been ordered from Amazon, tucked all these inside, and sealed it with tape. Then I found a label and put it on the box, immediately adding it to the stack of boxes we were storing in the closet.

Arriving in VA, everything from the moving van came upstairs to our apartment. We sorted and unpacked, then rented the storage space to move things to. As I sorted the boxes, I came across my little box and was torn between sending it to storage or keeping it with us.

I opted to keep it with us and made space on a shelf in the closet for it.

Yesterday morning, I woke up after a really odd night of fitful sleep. Add to that the odd cramps, high temperature, and no real sign of a period, and I was starting to wonder.

Monday night I had seen pink when I wiped before going to bed. Tuesday morning it was a light brown, very faint. There had been nothing since, no signs of anything, other than the odd crampiness I felt.

So I peed on a stick.

And everything changed.

I don't think I processed it. I walked back to the bedroom for my glasses and to make sure there really was a 2nd line. I told A that I thought we might be pregnant, then showered, ate, and waited for the doctor's office to open.

I was in the lab within 3 hours of that test. And received a call back about 3 hours later to tell me that it was definitely positive and the blood proved it.

By this point, I'd chatted with my sister, called my mother and brother at the break of dawn in CA, and then made sure to IM my best friend and my cousin.

But until that call, I was numb. I am still sitting wondering if this is really going to be it.

I go back on Monday to have more blood drawn, and they will actually tell me my numbers at that time and schedule my first real appointment to check for the heartbeat.

I'm officially 4 weeks pregnant. My baby is tentatively due on June 1, 2011.

And I find myself tentative about jumping into everything at full speed again.

But I can't help but touch my tummy every time there is a twinge and smile. Because it's happening....

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  1. Oh congratulations! I take a break from reading for a couple of days & look what happens!!!

    Oh, and because I read this backwards & saw your boobs post = yes! Wear the bra. Use the cocoa butter ointment. Early 1st trimester is NOT too early to develop stretchmarks there - as my girls will attest.

    So happy for you & will be waiting to hear numbers &see heartbeats!