Friday, September 10, 2010

The Only Problem With Losing Weight....

I remember being young and at home when my favorite aunt came to visit. Now, what prompted the visit or anything else about what we did is a blur. But I do remember how excited she was that she lost weight.

She was going on and on about how all she did was trim the fat off the meat, reduce the grease she used for cooking, and watched her portions. I honestly do not think she was ever heavy, but she seemed to be thinking she had been. All I know is that she was fit and trim, and excited about what she had done.

She did have 1 warning though: her breasts had shrunk.

I apologize right now to my cousin, who is reading this and will either be sending me a text about how she needs warnings about these things or will be on Yahoo Messenger shortly to do the same.

So, apparently she was complaining that with the weight loss she had shrunk in her chest area. I will save the conversation about how disappointed my uncle apparently was, mainly because I was too young to really know what her boobs had to do with his happiness.

Again, sorry cousin. I do love you, I swear!

Now, fast forward to 2 days ago. When I was putting on a sports bra fresh from the dryer. And noticed that they weren't as squished as normal. And then when I switched to a normal bra to go out, there was extra material in the cups.

Look, I am and always have been pretty well-endowed. To the point where my greatest fear of becoming a mother is suffocating my child while breast feeding. And I don't think I will ever lose enough weight to actually ever have that fear put to rest.

But seriously: Couldn't that be coming off my waist instead???

And yes, I pointed it out to A and he pouted. Then laughed at the look on my face. Then I told him to be quiet or there would be no sex for him. And he laughed even harder.

Something about me ovulating and needing him......

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