Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cycle Day 16

I have to rewind to yesterday morning for one moment.

I woke up, took my temperature, peed on the ovulation stick, and then took my shower. When I got out, I saw this:

Apologies for the cell phone pic there.

So, I saw the lines and stared and stared and swore the lines were the same shade. I even woke up A, who said that the line on top looked a little lighter. Course, he was just waking up, so I don't know.

Then this morning I repeated the same morning routine and got this:

That, people, is what it looks like when the test says you ovulated. The line on the left is notably darker, and has been since exactly 2 minutes after peeing on the damn stick.

I can honestly say that I never thought I'd see this without having first endured the Clomid.

Now, I have been trying to stick with the microscope, and I have seen the ferning, but there is no way to get this captured for posterity. I uploaded yesterday's best pic there on the right, and here it is again in case you want to see what I am squinting at:

So, all the signs are saying I am ovulating in the next 24-36 hours, right?

Well, all but one, that is...

According to the BBT chart, ovulation would have occurred 3 days ago.

Do you see where I am left wondering just what day I am on now? Is this now 2 days past ovulation or am I actually ovulating? And what about the cramping on both sides that I was feeling last night before bed?

Either way, we've done what we needed to do. Every day. At least once a day. Since the 5th.

So, we either just managed to beat the cut-off and got there before I ovulated earlier this week, or we managed to up our odds with a few extra days up to today's positive test.

Right now, we are both excited it happened.

And the wait begins....

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