Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharing Everything

I have a sticky note stuck to the printer on my desk. It has the 2 possible ovulation days for this cycle, and what will be cycle day 30 late next week. There are also notes about possible implantation dates based on those 2 ovulation dates.

So we are now back to the oddest ritual I think I have ever performed:

Staring at toilet paper after wiping to look for spotting.

I should tell you all that we have 1 bathroom. The shower/tub is on the wall opposite the mirror and sink. Also on that wall, facing the mirror and next to the end of the shower/tub, is our toilet.

So, when someone is in the shower, they can see through the curtain to the mirror. If someone happens to be using the toilet while someone is showering, you can really only see their bust and nothing more. Still some semblance of privacy, though apparently not enough in some cases.

Because when the person on the toilet is holding up toilet paper and squinting at it, it can be startling to hear the person in the shower ask, "What the hell are you doing?"

Needless to say, my spouse now knows more about implantation bleeding, spotting, and my issues with wanting to get pregnant than I think he really ever wanted.....

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