Friday, July 3, 2009

Trying to Get Back Home

Somehow 6 months have flown by and I’m not sure where 2009 has gone. Add to that the fact that in just 5 days we will have been married 11 months and it seems like everything has become a blur.

In May we went home. My A was born and raised in VA, in a beautiful valley that he honestly never could wait to run away from. And when he did finally run he came all the way to CA to me.

I’ve been back with him before, met his family and did the tourist thing for 5 days a couple of years ago. I told him then that I could grow old there, among the green mountainside, where things always seem to move slower. It was just so easy to see it as a place to unwind and still have a life.

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley. And I have always said I wanted to raise children someplace where they could play outside, have a yard with grass, and not have to worry about some of the things a big city environment brings with it. So when I said I could see being there he shook his head at me and said he had run from there for a reason.

But this last May it was different.

We went back to see if this really was something we could do. Something that we could both want.

And it is.

So now we are working towards that. We have a ridiculous budget that I am bound and determined to stick to. The numbers need to be crunched, bills paid, and then arrangements made. But at this point we will be tucked in to a new home by next May. In time to get acclimated before I get to see my first real Fall and Winter and spend the holidays with people who have accepted me in to their lives as a daughter and granddaughter.

While this year has seemed to fly so quickly, the next 10 months will have me holding my breath. So many things I want to make sure to do while here, things to clean and start packing, and discarding of things that make no sense to keep.

So, now the next great adventure gets to begin…..

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