Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diet is such an ugly word....

I prefer to see we are eating healthy.

At my known heaviest I weighed in at 325 lbs. Now, I stand 5’2 ½” (they measured me at the doctor last month) but still manage to handle myself pretty well. I’ve never felt heavy, and once was told that I never carried myself as a “fat” person and managed to seem pretty active.

In October of 2006 I fell in love with a dress. My company’s annual holiday party was coming up, and I wanted to wear it. So A did something special and bought it for me.

But even at it’s largest available size it was still a little too snug.

So the eating habits changed, and I lost enough in 6 weeks to feel comfortable in the new dress. I stayed on this course, and by May of 2007 I was down 50lbs, weighing in at 275.

When I went to the doctor in March of this year I was back up to 298. And in late April I had managed to gain another 5lbs.

This was not heading in the right direction.

So after the first round of doctors’ appointments I knew I had to work on this. And so began the reemergence of the healthy eating.

A month after I started all this, A received his labs from his MD and was told he needed to lose weight. He had gained about the same as I had in the last year, and those extra 25lbs needed to go.

Well, they are going.

He is down, though not tracking it like me. His next appointment I plan to write down his weight, and then see how we do between then and the follow-up with his neurologist in late August.


Well, according to the Wii Fit I’ve lost some weight. The official weigh in on July 3rd put me at 287. Still 12lbs higher than where I was 2 years ago, but it’s coming off steadily, and my clothes are fitting better.

No, neither of us has a target weight. We are doing this to be able to be comfortable and someday play with our children without getting too winded after 5 minutes. He is eating right and exercising on the stationary bike here. I’m eating right and find myself addicted to Step Aerobics on the Wii Fit.

Now to just keep up the hard work and the clean eating. I’m just glad we are doing this together, and getting primed for 9 months of even better eating once the pregnancy thing starts!

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