Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why are you yelling at me?

Some days I wonder what ever possessed me to do the work I do.

My day job is in a call center talking to people about their benefits and helping them with eligibility. Normal days mean a few calls, some reports to run, and not too much stress. Slow days mean trying to stay awake at my desk.

A bad day makes me want to go home and cuddle with my cat.

I have a true admiration for people who take any type of customer service call. When I have to be he customer I make it a point to try to be polite, mind my manners, and I know at what point they are doing all they can and I need to escalate my issue. There is rarely a time when I don't get things resolved. It's easy enough to do in a calm manner.

Which is why when someone calls for no other reason than to complain and yell I am completely baffled.

Yes, there is an issue. Yes, we will help you. Why isn't that enough? Why must there be all the yelling and comlpaining?

Especially when I explain that I can't work on the issue until I get a chance to call the contact we use at the insurance company?

If I could find the answer to this maybe next I could work on the solution to world peace.

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