Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Meet Shadow.

We used to refer to him as the demon child. He honestly has this one look that makes you wonder if he would kill you in your sleep if given the chance. But to me he is a mamma's boy.

After almost 9 months at home with us he was allowed to sample some scraps as a treat for behaving the other day. This consisted of some cold leftover turkey breast, a small bite of soft cheese, and then a small can of soft cat food.

I have to mention that he is a dry food kitty. We brought him home at 6 weeks and he was already eating kitten chow from the bag. My husband (to be referred to from now on as A) has been adamant about not allowing him to become like my mother's cat. Her Siamese demands his soft food, and has been known to starve himself if given the choice between that and dry food. We live on a budget and always agreed that the cat would never eat better than us.

So, Shadow was eating some treats I smuggled, and the next thing I know, A is sitting on the floor and hand feeding him as well. The little ball of fur purred like he had died and gone to heaven, and was good enough to stay of the counters to help himself.

As I was loading the dishwasher the following conversation happened:

Me: You know, I think I may have made a big mistake tonight.

A: Oh?

Me: I have a feeling that my little friend will be in here every time I am cooking and asking for food.

A: Maybe. Maybe not. He's been good lately so it shouldn't be an issue.

Me: Hmmmmm

Well, A is off today and home with Shadow. When he went in to the kitchen to make himself something to eat he had a follower. A meowing follower who was looking for treats. And I received the phone call with him laughing about how much fun I am going to have cooking dinner tonight. If that cat doesn't kill me by making me trip every time I turn around in the kitchen that is. (originally posted 12/4/2008)

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