Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, is that this weekend?

I think the last time I enjoyed Valentine's Day was in Jr. High. And I went to a Catholic school where you couldn't really have a boyfriend. It was more about giving and getting candy and everyone had to bring something for everyone.

In high school the holiday was sorta hit or miss. I was alone my Freshman year, but my closest friend and I bought each other candygrams. My Sophomore year I did have a boyfriend. He went all out, waiting for me at my locker with flowers and balloons and a card and stuffed animal. But this was the same guy who celebrated our monthly anniversary with flowers, usually roses, so this was nothing too out of the ordinary for him.

The last 2 years of high school were more of the alone type days. The BF and I broke up 2 weeks before Valentine's Day my Junior year, and the guy I was kinda seeing Senior year was broke and not able to even come up with a card.

So, A came in to this relationship and I believe got very lucky.

My only request each year was to be taken to dinner. Before being married this worked nicely because he paid the bill and I just had to drive. But last year we consolidated our finances into 1 account. Which means that we are going out, but it's something to do together and for each other.

Oh, and this year I want this little stuffed turtle that we've seen at Safeway. He's pink and red and has the cutest eyes. And if/when I get him I will be posting a picture to show why I feel in love with his face.

Back to the story....

Last month we had a party for my brother's birthday. A is not a party guy. He prefers his quiet, and at one point was contemplating spending the night in a cheap motel just to be able to get away from it all. In the end he stayed home to be a part of it, and we agreed that we would pick a weekend in the next month and go away for a couple of nights.

I looked at the calendar and remembered that President's Day is a holiday at work, so it would be the perfect chance to get away and still have a day at the end to do laundry and make it up to the cats for leaving them. He called work and had them write him in for the weekend off so we would have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday together. Plus I get to work from home on Tuesday, so in the end we get 4 full days of time together, and most of it will be alone.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the same weekend as President's Day?

I honestly didn't realize it until after the fact.

So everyone at work is thinking that this is a romantic way to spend our first Valentine's Day as a married couple together.

I just keep thinking that it was nice of my company to give us a 3 day weekend in honor of our founding fathers.

But I still want that turtle!

(Originally posted 2/13/2009)

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