Monday, April 15, 2013

The Perfect Spot

We purchased our first real couch and it arrived last Wednesday.

Let me explain about that.

When I moved out of my mom's, my first place had no real couch.  After being there a little while my sister had to move and had no place for her furniture.  I took the couch and used that there. 

From there I moved into my first real apartment and that couch came with me.  When my mom moved out of her place, I took the futon that had been in her apartment and junked the couch.  It really was dying thanks to some pets I had had, and so the futon worked.

After the apartment came the mobile home I rented with my husband and brother.  My brother needed a bed and had a couch, so the futon became his bed and we used his couch in the living room.

The move to Virginia has us leaving anything and everything behind.  My in-laws gifted us with a couch and loveseat that they had purchased used from a friend of theirs.

Now, the material was a micrfiber and trapped heat really well.  Great for me.  Not so great for the husband, and now the munchkin.  They both run warm, and there was no way to get them comfortable in it.

Fast forward 3 years and we decided it was time to actually pick something out we both liked that would give us support.


See that corner they are in?  My husband tested it specifically for comfort at the furniture store.  Also but sections are long enough that he can lay without his feet dangling.  He is 6'3", so that's pretty impressive.
The couch has been here for 2 days and James has already realized that that corner is daddy's.  They watched Super Why together there yesterday.  Today, daddy sat at the end and helped James climb up.  The munchkin proceeded to crawl to the corner and then started indicating at it and then grunting for daddy to move there.  As soon as he was situated there, James hopped into his lap to watch his show.
I think we found the perfect couch for us.

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