Monday, April 1, 2013

Parenting WIN!

Saturday night we both sat down and began the process of filling plastic Easter eggs.

While James is too young to grasp the concept, one of his aunts is 10 and still young enough to enjoy playing with him and doing these things.  She was coming over, had planned to hide eggs with him, and then play with him while teaching him to hunt for them.

The plastic egg set had multiple colors, so I sorted boy colors and girl colors, and then divided the neutral eggs so they'd each have some yellow and orange ones

For my SIL we had bought a bag of mini peanut butter cups.  Her favorites.  I placed 1 or 2 in each egg and then tossed them in a bucket.

For James I had originally thought of putting a few mini M&Ms in each so they would rattle and we'd be able to tell which were his of the neutral ones.

I was about to start filling his when I thought of the issues we were about to run into.  Like chocolate melting.  Or him realizing the eggs had things in them and then eating all of the chocolate in one mad dash.

So, plan change.

We opted for Goldfish crackers.  He had a bag of the rainbow colored ones, so I put 5 fish in each egg.

And we were right!

See, James had been playing with one egg for the last 2 weeks.  He'd figured out how to open them and close them.  As soon as the first egg he picked up began to rattle you could tell he was thinking about what was going on.

And he opened the egg with no problem and devoured the little fish as quick as he could.

And that's pretty much all he wanted to do for dinner.  With a side of grilled cheese.

I think we won that round.  He enjoyed his Easter basket, complete with Spider-Man sandals for summer, and devoured crackers like it was the greatest thing ever.

We didn't have a toddler with a chocolate high and then horrible crash later.

What a great Easter!

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