Friday, April 5, 2013

Desperately Seeking....Something

It snowed again yesterday.

Make a note.  April 4th and we got snow that was note expected at all.  There wasn't even time for the county to salt the major roads.

The sun is out today, and we are supposed to see warmer temps over the weekend.  That will be a happy change, and one I am looking forward to.

When I was a teenager, this time of the year always meant school was about to wind down and my summer job was starting up.

I ever tell you I worked at an amusement park?  It was so much fun running the rides and hanging out with friends.  These were the friendships built on something other than classwork.  These are the ones that somehow seemed to mean more.

Yesterday one of them posted a picture on FB and I immediately thought of someone I hadn't thought of in years.  By some weird coincedence she saw the same pic and thought of me, and not too long after added me.  It was some sort of perfect timing.

Which got me to thinking of all the things out there.  The people we've touched with our own lives and what they may be up too.

And that led to a game of FB searching (stalking is such an ugly word) that has me smiling and remembering them all today.

And also adding people that I should have added a long time ago just to catch up.

Spring is around the corner, and with it comes the promise of something new.  I'm itching for it so badly these days and I'm not sure why.  Maybe because James will be 2 in just 7 weeks.  Maybe because my niece will be here in 2 weeks to stay for a few months.

Maybe it's cause that groundhog got it wrong and I just don't have the patience to wait longer for warmer weather.

Stupid groundhog.

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