Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting In Some Mileage

With the weather finally doing what that stupid groundhog said it was supposed to do weeks ago, I treated myself to some new clothes.

This means I spent $40 on 2 pairs of shorts and a t-shirt at Old Navy, and then dropped another chunk of change on sandals at Zappos that were not by Birkenstock or just some cheap flip flops.

Another sign of getting older: I actually am shopping rationally and carefully.

The t-shirt I bought in my actual size, which is 1 size down from last summer, and fits just like it is supposed.  Which to me is odd because I normally go for baggy.  Baggy is comfy, and when I sit I don't feel self-conscious about things.

I think I look good in the new clothes, but I have been feeling frumpy. 

Spring to me always makes me want to exercise.  Some people do massive amounts of cleaning, I want to walk or do something.  Winter here is so cold, and I am quite content to spend it inside, so now it's all about the birds singing.  The windows and patio door being open for fresh air.  James playing with a pile of rocks as the breeze blows through that mane of hair that needs a desperate haircut. 

The in-laws had two pieces of exercise equipment in their basement collecting dust.  One was an exercise bike, and the other a treadmill.  After years of yard sales, neither item made it outside to be sold as someone would say they would still use them.  Not to mention that they didn't skimp on the equipment, so it's good and durable.

And now that treadmill is next to me in my office/the guest bedroom.

It arrived last Thursday, and I maneuvered it into position while my husband and FIL were out running errands.  Friday I put on my shoes once James was down for a nap, placed the Kindle in position to read, and walked my first mile.

The weekend was spent running errands and gardening with the great-grandparents, so no treadmill.

But yesterday I added another mile.  And today my third.

3 miles down.  Many more to go.

I refuse to stress about losing weight.  That's never worked for me.  But if I can just get a little leaner, a little fitter, so that we can do a beach trip this summer and enjoy it.

That's the goal.

Considering I look forward to this mile everyday, I think it will work.

Here goes nothing...

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