Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will My Hormones Ever Be "Normal"?

The summer of 2010, I lost enough weight to beat PCOS.

I use the word "beat" because that's what it felt like.  In the end, I think I just tricked my body long enough to ovulate and then conceive.  My hormones actually did their job, and my son is truly the best part of that whole thing.

This time around, I've lost more weight than last time.  Roughly 15 pounds more so far.  I'm still on birth control pills, so my cycle should be predictable and happen right when the white pills take over for that last 7 days in the pack.

Should is the key word in that sentence.

Over the last 2 months my cycle has been the oddest thing.  I attributed it to the hell that was the first part of May, and then to James being in the braces and dealing with that.  I kept saying that once things went back to normal that I'd be fine.


I think I am averaging a short cycle every 2 weeks.  The time between them are emotionally draining for me.  I fluctuated between weepy and bitchy, and some times both happen at once.  My husband has shown that he is really patient with me as I alternate between wanting to be with him and then not wanting to talk to him.

Based on the last month, I think it may be evening out.  My next annual is in September, and moving it sooner isn't an option because of scheduling for the doctor.

I honestly thought I was having another version of post partum, but is that even possible 14 months later?

I'm holding my breath until September 6th, and then I guess we will see.  In the meantime, I'm starting a list of things that make my mood shift.

It's for the safety of the entire family.  Trust me.

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