Friday, August 3, 2012

And Suddenly We Like Sports!

Prior to life as a couple, I loved going to baseball games and hockey games.  I never liked watching them on TV because it just wasn't the same.  That and the announcers annoyed me.

Football I could do on TV.  I was normally in it for the Super Bowl ads, though.  I remember sleeping through many a game, waking to see the ads, and then dozing off again.

My husband really has never done sports.  He says that if James decides to play something that he will be there for every game, and help him any way he can.  But until then, if I turn on the Super Bowl, he turns on a game on his computer.

Last Friday was the opening of the Olympics in London.  This is another thing I love to watch, the music and performers, and then the countries being announced as their athletes take the field.  It's amazing to see it all unfold.  I missed it in 2008 because I was getting married, so this year I wanted to sit and watch.

And I did.

Saturday morning, after James watched his show, I switched to see what was on. 

I don't know what happened.  Between volleyball and swimming and gymnastics, I was drawn further and further in to it all.  I was yelling when we won or advanced, and complaining when people got in our way.  It was more than I'd done in a while for any sport, and the next thing I knew, A was sitting next to me. 

Over the last week, we've watched more competitions on TV than I can count.  We are playing a trivia game through an app for points, reading about the competitions and results, refreshing web pages like crazy to see what happens next.

Somehow, in 7 days, we've become people who like sports.

Will it last past the Olympics in to other televised competitions?

Probably not.

But that's okay.  We need the break in order to come back to this in 2016 when the games are in Rio.

Maybe we should get a bigger television set....

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  1. Your love of beach volleyball should not wane. After all, Misty May and Kerry Walsh are totally awesome. Every time they're in a televised tournament, which is rare, I always tune in. :-)