Monday, August 6, 2012


James has shown us that he wants to examine things.

Since he still isn't putting things in his mouth, we let him play with leaves and rocks and grass and twigs.  He is a typical little boy, wanting to play with everything.

This seems to have fascinated some family members.

He is the youngest of the families on both side, and the next closes to him is 2 years older.  She is a beautiful little girl, but likes being the center of the attention.  She also had a habit of eating mulch, so couldn't be let out of sight from what I heard.

We took James to visit his great granny last week, and he spent the time walking around with a small shell he found, then a leaf, and eventually a rock.  He would change them up, but he played quietly, and everyone just watched him walking around.  There was no tantrum, no need to keep him busy, no need to reprimand.  He just does his own thing at his own pace and is excited to see how things work when he puts them on different surfaces.

I really think the family has never seen one of the kids be like this.  His great grandma and great grandpa tell everyone that he is the easiest baby they've ever watched.  They take him to their place and he swings and swims and babbles at them for hours.

We love watching him at home with his things, doing what he wants with his toys, and pulling us to the floor when he wants that from us.

He is so fascinated with everything around him.  I don't think he realizes how we've become so fascinated with him and his quiet ways.

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