Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Week via Instagram

I wish I had a good reason for not writing this week.

What it boils down to is that after having 3 days off work last week, plus the weekend, James was not ready for Monday.  I've spent all my spare time with him.  He is just today getting back to not wanting to sit on my lap or stand next to my chair whining for me to look at him and play.

This week, we took advantage of the pool in our apartment complex for the first time as a family.

So here are a few from this week.

This is the face I got when standing between him and the pool.

After playing in his floating turtle, he was excited to play on the steps and splash us with water.

There was something that caught his attention as I took the picture.  James always looks so serious when he observes things.

They couldn't stop laughing last night.  After 3 trips to the pool, James is very relaxed and lounges in his turtle.  He also has started kicking in the water, and laughs as he drifts.  I don't think he realizes what he is doing, but it's funny to watch.

Finally, I have to share what I bought this week.  I've been saving my pennies, and after a successful sale on eBay, I ran to Journey's and purchased my first pair of Converse in years.

Yes, they are purple. 

Yes, that is Catwoman on the left shoe.

Yes, that is Batgirl on the right shoe.

Yes, I am as excited as you can possibly imagine over these shoes.

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