Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is Variables

Tomorrow I am at 35 weeks.  Two weeks from what they consider full term.

That is my goal: full term baby born healthy.  I've already told the doctor to just get me there and then we'll figure out the rest

Truth is, while I've made it this far, I'm more worried daily about the little things than I was at any other point since this all began last September.

I wonder if I've had enough vegetables.  Enough dairy.  Enough vitamins.

Will bending over to pick something up hurt him?

What about the cat's need to sleep on my growing bump and purr at it?

And most important:

When will he get here?

There is no predicting anything.  I've done everything I can for my son, and the doctor's have been great about praising me for watching everything.  So I try not to overthink things.

But I do admit that I am quicker to take someone's offer for help these days.  I am not pushing it any further than I absolutely need to.

And with 5 weeks to go until the due date, I am still trying to make the best out of every moment.

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