Tuesday, April 5, 2011

P is for Pediatrician

I didn't know that you had to have a doctor picked out for the baby beforehand.  I honestly assumed that a pediatric doctor on duty would be called in to check on the baby, okay him, and send him home.

But the books have been subtly reminding me of this chore for months.

And the Colonel insisted on it at the beginning of March.

So, we met with a local practice, interviewed the main doctor of the three practicing there, and agreed it was perfect.

He backs our thoughts on feeding, shots, and the all important decision of circumcision.  He also reviewed when he would be at the hospital, when to expect to visit and how often.  They also work out of this nearby office on weekdays, but also another office downtown on weekends in the mornings.  So, if something were to happen on Saturday or Sunday we could call and go see his doctors, and not just a random clinic.

Do you know what really sold me when we walked in the first time?

They have two separate waiting rooms, one down the hall to the left of check-in, and one down the hall to the right of check-in. 


One is for sick patients, the other is for well patients.

Tell me how genius that is?  I mean, who wants to bring a health child just in for a standard visit and have to wait in a room with sick children that will just get your healthy child sick?



  1. lol! i interviewed pediatricians too! and ours had the same waiting room thing, isn't that awesome?

  2. i hope you think about not circumcising your baby boy. it's an procedure that is not necessary, and i think should be something that your son should decide for himself when he gets older because it's his body.