Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Cat, The Peeping Tom

This apartment has been the first time in Shadow's 3 years of life where looking out the window has been encouraged.

I've opened the blinds for him while working.  When we leave to run errands, A will open the blinds in our bedroom so he can watch from the bed as we come and go.  Our favorite thing is to get back and call for him from below.  He comes running to the window, sees us, and then runs away.  By the time we are upstairs, he is waiting by the bedroom door to come see us.

During an average work day, he spends almost the entire time I am working laying by the window behind me.

We've thrown his quilt down there, and he is content to lay and get sun.  That and meow when he needs to have his tummy rubbed.

He tends to be a little demanding around lunch time.

Now, the blinds don't ever appear to be touched.  The ones in our bedroom he will blatantly use his paw to move aside and then climb onto the sill to look out.  But these in the sun room he has never really done that to.

And then the other day I noticed that while they looked to be perfectly in place, if you look carefully from my seat you can peek out.

I actually held the camera to kitty height, did not touch the placement of the blinds at all, and was able to snap a clear view of below.

Why would this be an interesting discovery?

Because while the cat does not touch anything at all, he does sit in a particular spot in the mornings when people are leaving and again in the afternoons when the kids are returning from school...

By sitting in that particular spot, he has the view he needs to keep an eye on things, and still be stealthy from below.

Do you think the neighbors realize someone it keeping tabs on their every move?

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