Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

I like this doctor.

He only deals with infertility, so when I spoke I didn't have to slow down and repeat. He kept up, and he was very happy to see A there. And that A went in to the room for the exam and held my hand.

He did do a full exam, and unlike other doctors in the past, he was able to locate my ovaries with no problems. He took measurements that made no sense to me, but apparently he was okay with it.

He also lectured about the impact of diabetes on a fetus, and I was ordered to have labs done immediately to have my glucose checked. I have a feeling that my diet is about to become very very strict.

The Bad:

The first day of my last period was on April 2nd. I knew going in to the appointment that I would be prescribed something with progesterone to force a period so we could start.

But when a doctor says the word "cyst" and "ovary" in the same sentence, it is just not a happy feeling.

After the scan, we met back in his office. While I was dressing, A reminded me that a cyst could just be a blood pocket and not to worry about it. The doctor didn't blink, but he also was not going to start on the clomid bandwagon until he knew what it was.

So, I have a prescription. I need to start a cycle, and call them on Day 1. I will be scheduled to go in either that day or the next to be scanned. If the cyst has washed out then we are ready to move forward. If the cyst is still there on my right ovary then he will tell me what to do next.

I guess the main thing to take from today is that I am finally in the hands of someone who will be able to maintain everything for me. All in one office, without me having to juggle.

That and that I have gained back weight because I have been overtaken with summer laziness. So the exercise has to start again immediately. Tomorrow will be busy, so I am planning on some Wii Fit here at home, and then Friday it's back to the treadmill.

Believe it or not, I am relieved. No fibroids or other issues. The only problems are things I need to get a handle on, and I have let slip the grip I once had.

So, back to work...

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