Thursday, August 13, 2009

What has happened to Wesley Crusher???

Yesterday I took the advice of my husband (which, incidentally, was exactly the same advice my wise cousin left on yesterday's post). There was no blatant exercising to be done, but we did walk. We visited WalMart, 2 different Targets, and Toys R Us. Somewhere in there we stopped and had dinner at Sizzler, and in general took our time.

I love that man.

I honestly came home with the intention to do something, but I had to balance the checkbook first. Which lead to the TV being turned on. And an episode of NCIS distracted me. Then when that ended I decided to turn on Criminal Minds while I finished unwrapping my new toys. (Someday I have to share pics of my desk at work...)

I don't watch Criminal Minds regularly. I think I have sat through 4 episodes total, and the only thing I could tell you is that Mandy Patinkin looks so much older without long hair and a moustache. He was meant to battle pirates with a sword....

I digress.

The show was on for what we call "background" noise as we do other things. Big waste of electricity, I know, but we both work better that way.

Suddenly they get to the part where you see the evil psychopath's face and I literally gasped out loud. Causing A to turn around, and me to point at the screen, yelling, "Isn't that Wesley Crusher??"

And it was.

Wesley Crusher (otherwise known as Gordie Lachance or Wil Wheaton for those of you stuck in reality)was there, smirking evilly. Later in the show he would actually sneer while saying something to the poor bound woman about "being with a real man."

I couldn't stop giggling.

For all his attempts, Wesley Crusher will always be Wesley Crusher no matter what role. And hearing him say that just made my sides hurt.

Which was a great distraction from my aching thighs.

Again, digressing.....

I understand actors wanting to be seen for something other than the role that defined them to most people, but this wasn't working. He just doesn't look menacing.

Poor Wesley Crusher....

On the upside, all that relaxing and giggling kept me from doing anything, and today I can sit. And stand. And walk. All without wanting to cry!

Now ask me about lifting things. Dare you!

Turns out the next portion of The Challenge is upper arm strength. Of which I have less than I thought. A lot less according to my biceps.

Tomorrow will promise more of the same, and then Saturday is a rest day.

I have never looked forward to a Saturday so much in my life.....