Thursday, August 6, 2009

Real Vacation Time

In the almost 4 years we have lived together, A and I have never been on vacation.

The first 2 years we lived alone in a 1 bedroom apartment. If we wanted to be alone we could be.

The last 2 years we have had a roommate, so when we wanted to be alone we went to a hotel. We spaced out our trips so they felt like breaks from everything else, and it gave is 24-48 hours of being together without interruption. The hotel was maybe 10 miles from home, but it felt far enough to make a difference.

We have traveled, but it was back to Virginia to see family. Yes, there was the touristy sight-seeing involved, but not alone. It was good to get away, but at the same time there was still the additional pressure of meeting them for the first time and trying to cram things in to the 4-5 days we were in state.

Definitely didn't feel like vacation.

Last August, my best friend was my Maid of Honor and also baked the cakes and cupcakes for our wedding. Everything was done from scratch, including the cake topper she made. Seriously. Look at this:

Along with the yumminess we were also given a card where she told us her present to us was also to fly us to see her in her new house up near Seattle.

And that's where we spent our first real vacation last month.

If we could afford to buy a home there I think A would have jumped at it. We spent a day with her and her amazing daughters at the zoo. Even with 90 degree weather it was a great day, and we had so much fun. Then dinner outside on her back deck every evening, a day of reading in the sun (of course I burned) and just relaxing. We even managed to catch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and also rent and watch movies at home.

It was just amazing to unwind so much in just a few short days. There was no stress, no rush, no schedule. Just being able to sit, reading or playing video games, and just talking about different things. And then there was her amazing cooking....

This is what vacation is supposed to be like.

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