Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It made me RUN!

So, last month I decided to change up the exercise routine.

The result was purchasing EA Active for the Wii. I opened the box, reviewed the information, and decided that the 30 day challenge would be a good way to go. Not only does it provide you varying exercises over a 20 minutes period each day, but it also includes rest days so that you don’t overdo things.

Originally the plan was to begin on August 3rd. That would have made Day 30 fall on September 1st, which for my mild case of OCD was perfect timing.

Last night, exactly 1 week late, I began the 30 Day Challenge.

It made me run.

Take a moment. Realize that I am approximately 290 lbs, and haven’t run since grade school. Even in high school, when we were required to complete running weekly of a minimum of 1 mile, I walked. It took exactly 20 minutes, and guaranteed I was meeting the bare minimum.

But I never ran. Never. Ever. EVER.

Yesterday the program began with a “slow” run. That lasted roughly 1 minute. And forced you to keep a running pace thanks to the strap that hold the Wii nunchuck firmly to your thigh.

Several lunges, squats, some inline skating, and arm curls later it asked you to run again. This time for roughly 1 ½ minutes, still at the same pace.

Once all the other exercises were done, it’s “cool off” was another run. This time a long run. That lasted 2 minutes.

The positive side is that the total workout was just under 20 minutes, and I burned more calories than the system expected based on the effort I put out.

The negative is that I hurt. And I sweated more than I have ever in an exercise routine before.

But that’s supposed to be a good thing too, right?



  1. It is still amazing to me that a 20-30 minute workout can make a person hurt that much. Congrats on making it through day one! Day two will be much easier, right? :-)

  2. I wonder if I could borrow some of your commitment and go back to Jillian?

  3. What did happen to your Jillian DVD? Was it that bad?

    And I am determined to get through the 30 days. After that I will let you know if I keep going at a more advanced level or set fire to the game.